The Youth of C3 Church


Fun, loud, passionate and young – that is C3YOUTH. C3YOUTH is the community for high school students. It is our heart to bring every teenager closer to Jesus.


What we do is simple: We follow Jesus and help others by building a community of acceptance, hope and healing.


There is something happening for youth every week! Every other week on Friday there is a house party and every other week on Sunday morning we have our own program during the Amsterdam service.


We hang out together. We often eat together, play the best games and make sure we laugh a lot. Importantly, we also discover more about God and Jesus each week. We talk about real questions that we as teenagers may wrestle with such as “Why do I need Jesus?” and “How can I get to know Jesus” but also “What does the Bible teach about alcohol and drugs?” and “How come I have to suffer pain when the Bible says that God is good?


Bring your friends along and keep an eye on our Instagram for the latest updates.