The Young Adults of C3 Church

C3 Young Adults are the young adults, the students, starters and Young Professionals of C3 Church Amsterdam. We believe that church is not just a building. The church is not an organisation and it is so much more than a Sunday morning service.


The church is made up of people who have dreams, desires and potential. The church is a community of many different individuals. The church is the body of Christ. Jesus is the at the center of that community; a community where all are welcome.


During the week several C3YA connect groups meet all over Amsterdam (and surrounding areas) to share a meal, to get know God better and to have a good time together. In addition to our connect groups, we also have C3YA Gatherings. A Gathering is a combination of worship, Bible study and hang-time. We often just get together for dinner parties, socials or Friday night drinks.

Connect Groups

Connect groups are the heart of our church. It is where we find friendship, study the bible and pray together. We have several young adult connect groups meeting throughout the city at different nights of the week.



Every second Wednesday of the month is The Gathering. We meet at different locations in Amsterdam to connect with each other, and with God. We worship, pray and share the Word. Please bring your friends, classmates and colleagues. Everyone is welcome! Keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook to find out where the next Gathering is going to be.