Are you coming along to Moldova this summer?

Are you coming along to Moldova this summer?

Where are we going and when?

Moldova is a country in between Romania and Ukraine. It has 4 million inhabitants, however that number is decreasing. Every year 20.000 girls (mainly orphans) fall into the hands of sex traffickers. New Hope Moldova saves many of these children from the hands of human traffickers.

We are going with a team of volunteers from C3 Amsterdam, Arnhem and Almere to a summer camp in the north of the country. We expect 100 orphan teenagers (age 12-18) to be there.


What are we doing?

We will run an Awareness Campaign about Human Trafficking. An Awareness Campaign includes education and testimonies (also from girls who have been trafficked), but also the following is possible:

– Medical aid (help for eye & skin problems, education about the use of vitamins & healthy food)
– Skills workshops. Developing skills in order to have an alternative for the girls (and boys). You can turn the passion for your hobby or job into a workshop for a day or full week.


When are we going?

This trip will take place from Friday 14 July to Monday 24 July or from Friday 22 July to 31 July 2017. It will cost about € 750 per person. During the summer camp of 2014 we witnessed dozens of people receiving miracles and blessings. People spontaneously received sponsoring from family, co-workers, managers and friends. We expect that it is possible to raise at least half of the € 750 by sponsors. For some it might be possible to raise the whole amount!

If you have questions or would like more information, send an email to: