The Internship is a one-year program of C3 College Amsterdam & Almere that immerses you in a true practical ministry experience. The purpose is to train and develop you as a strong builder of the local church. The program consists of three building blocks: placement, personal growth and ministry.


As an intern within C3 Church Amsterdam & Almere you will gain experience and a behind-the-scenes take on the church. During the Internship you will serve in two different departments of the church. By being part of these core teams you will see how they operate and learn to do the same. You will learn how to run projects and be given the opportunity to bring new ideas, solutions and improvements. Important aspects of the placement are learning how to support a vision, carry responsibility and add to the ministry.

Personal growth

With individual and in-class study, personal coaching and intensive training days you will not only gain more insight and knowledge in how to live as a disciple of Jesus but teach others to do the same. Topics that will be included are communication & conflict resolution, introduction to pastoring, Bible Interpretation, the Holy Spirit, Public Speaking, e.a. Besides the study aspect we will put an emphasis on strengthening your personal devotional life. The basis of ministry is a healthy and strong relationship with God. Every semester you will learn new ways of building that relationship.


The ultimate goal for us is to be used by God and being able to impart in others what we receive from Him. During the Internship we train you specifically for that. Standing in front of a group to share something from the Bible, leading others in prayer, evangelism, teaching in the Essential course are some of the ways in which you might serve others. There will be opportunities both within our church and on a mission trip.

The Internship program runs from 1 September 2017 until 13 Juli 2018. The College fees are € 750.- a year (Yearly and monthly payment plans are available).

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