C3 College aims to help you grow in faith, knowledge and wisdom. Our courses are designed to inform and inspire you while encouraging you to apply what you’re learning . We hope that you will not only grow to know God more, but also that you will gain a deeper understanding of your identity in Christ.


Wij believe that God has given specific gifts to each of us. C3 College gives you the tools you need to discover, develop and use your gifts for the kingdom of God.


The Essentials is a five week course about the basic principles of the Christian faith. We cover topics such as sin and salvation, the Holy Spirit, prayer and the Bible, the church and water baptism. Groups are small so there is always enough time for questions.


The Challenge is all about going deeper. Each year we offer at least two modules. New Testament Studies, Leadership and Identity in Christ are only a few example. A module covers a period of 8 weeks. Each lesson consists of a video lecture from C3 College Online and facilitator-led activities.


Starting in 2016, the Internship is for everyone who is looking for practical ministry experience. Come back soon for more information.

  • The Essentials

    • Foundations of the Christian faith
    • 5 Tuesday nights
    • Dutch and English
    • Small group setting
    • Weekly Q & A
    • Next course: February 2017
    • Free

  • The Challenge

    • In-depth study
    • 9 Tuesday nights
    • Dutch and English
    • Facilitator-led study
    • Free access C3 College Online materials
    • Next course: 24 January 2017
    • € 65 per module

  • The Intership

    • Placement, personal growth and ministry
    • 1 year with weekly program
    • Dutch and English
    • Next intake: 1 February 2017
    • € 695 per year